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Marion La Pierre: founder of La Pierre Photo safari’s/ creative director / photographer.

A born globetrotter. Since the maidentrip on her sweet 16th to Sri Lanka she was hooked for life. Since then various means of overland travel, worldtours and expat years in consultancy, pr., and photography followed. Worked as a photographer on photoshoots & assignments for agencies, government and humanitarian organisations in Africa, India, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia. Founded two companies:consultancy & project management at MatchLine Consultancy bv., and customized photo tours for photographers at La Pierre Photo Safari’s.  Finds beauty in small things and loves to make people aware and capture this. Specialized in capturing personality in portraits and creative photography. Marion loves to design custom made tours and works often as extra photographer on tours to shoot stills, portraits and macro’s for the photobooks; our trademark.

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Rein van Weerden: ICT specialist, engineer, webmaster extraordinaire, product manager Nepal and Iceland. Passionated about pixels, traveling, bits & bites. His rare combination of creative and technical talent results in interesting products: ranging from designed furniture to homemade sushi and robotica. Big fan of Iceland, Nepal, photography and infamous for his t-shirts with memorable quotes. Rein is an upcoming talent in photography who will join us chasing the Aurora Borealis!
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We work with a huge network of photographers worldwide, to offer custom made tours with different specialities in photography; adapted to the wishes of the client. Underwater photography, arial photography, nature-, creative- and HDR, etc.  At least one of the photographers on the tour lives in the country we explore and knows about the well hidden gems to photograph; the right spot at the perfect light.

All photographers are aces in their speciallity: award-winning creatives with a long experience in conducting photoworkshops. They work for organisations like National Geographic, Geo, established magazines, some are Pullitzer price winners, etc. But one thing they all have in common: a huge passion to share their talent, and a friendly, patient personality to make it work. We will bring your photography to a high level while having a great time en route. Join us and capture the moment!

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On our Iceland tours we work with one of the best nature photographers around: Iurie Belegurschi is an award-winning professional, published by several magazines. His artistic style to capture Icelands magic is so populair that in a short period of time over 400.000 fans followed him on social media. Since the 7 years he lives in Iceland he has tutored hundreds of workshops. His workshops are high in demand: he masters several techniques in naturephotography. His experience and knowledge of Iceland will get you to the right places with the best light to create true art.  A friendly, calm and talented artist who will hone your photography skills.