On this Midsummernight Dream of 9 days we will show you the most beautiful spots of Iceland with a small team of like-minded photographers; passionated to find and capture the beauty and light of the magical midsummernight light; a photographers dream! During this amazing tour we will teach you the art of finding the light and editing your images into art with classes in Lightroom. After this tour you will be astonished with your progress. This tour is slow in pace to make sure you will take in all the beauty, techniques and creativity. We will rise early before dawn to catch the best light on beautiful locations. Iurie has a well earned reputation of making sure you’re on the  best spots on the right time; that’s why people keep coming back for more! Book early; don’t miss out this opportunity.  This tour is including all transportation in Iceland- in comfort, all-inclusive meals, guaranteed great fun and packed with new insights in photography.
Our awarded pro’s will teach you the tricks of the trade of their specialism: Landscape photography, macro- portraits, HDR, wildlife- and creative photography. Feel free to inform on which destinations we offer these specialisms. On most destinations we include special courses editing to enhance your work and teach you the complete workflow: train your eyes to see the beauty in small things, capture, edit and relive it all by sharing it.

Creative courses, taking editing one step further will introduce you to creating art. Editing will enhance the magic of a picture. You will decide if your work will show the reality or change into surreality. As an artist you will create astonishing images. I personally call it the art of fun!

Workshops with the personal attention of specialists can be on a group tour, but in some cases is private tutoring an option; extra classes in editing for one or two days.  Ask us for more details and possibilities!    For both tourists and companies (incentives) we can create a custom made tour with extra tuition, adapted to your personal and creative wishes, budget and your preferred destination.

Our published destinations are the grouptours; but our network is almost unlimited. Ask us for more destinations of your choice and we will be happy to create your own tour.